The Eligibility Criteria for Australia Skilled Immigration


Australia is the most sought after destination for skilled workers. The Australian immigration process for skilled workers is designed in such a way that it only targets migrants who possess exceptional job skills and technical skills that will contribute to the development of the Australian economy.

The applicant who has her occupation in demand in the Australian labour market can apply for qualified migration visas.

Qualified migration visas are:

1. Australia qualified independent visa subclass (189)

2. Australian state sponsor visa (subclass 190)

3. Specialized Provisional Regional Australia (subclass 489)

Therefore, to apply under these visa categories, you must meet the following eligibility conditions:

1. Your age must not be older than 49 years.

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2. You must earn a minimum of 60 points on the Australian Immigration Points Test which is based on factors such as age, qualification, work experience, skills, English proficiency, etc.

Calculate your score using the Australian immigration point calculator

1. Must have a positive skills assessment by the recognized authority

2. You must meet health and character requirements.

The above is a general visa requirement that must be met.

If you want to apply for qualified immigration visas, you must verify your eligibility individually.

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