The 5 Best Jobs In Canada For 2020 – Career Guide

The 5 Best Jobs in Canada for 2020

1. sales employee
2. Developer
3. heavy-duty mechanic
4. electrical engineer
5. registered nurse

sales employee

Sales associates or representatives are the most requested job in Canada by 2020. Companies rely on talented salespeople to take products off the shelves and bring them into the hands of the customer. B2B sellers are also in demand. Innate sales skills and an outgoing personality will help you succeed in this area.

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Developers fuel our obsession with technology, build websites, apps, business software, and everything else that runs on code. So it’s no surprise that developers are one of the most in-demand professions. The technology sector remains the fastest growing in Canada. While developers of all stripes are desperately needed, full-stack developers who know both front-end and back-end programming are the most popular.

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Heavy-duty mechanic

Heavy mechanics do exactly what it sounds like they do: they work with heavy machinery so they are well maintained and repaired if necessary. They usually work in production, energy, or construction. All of these sectors will continue to be the major contributors to the Canadian economy by 2020.

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Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers are responsible for designing products and systems through which electricity flows. From electronics design to energy sector work to telecommunications, the skills of an electrical engineer have countless applications in our modern technology-obsessed world. Although most technical disciplines have a shortage of employees, in 2020 there will mainly be a demand for electrical engineers.

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Registered nurse

Canada’s older population is growing, putting pressure on our healthcare system. The health sector in Canada is chronically understaffed. That has led to a desperate need for medical professionals, including nurses. Registered nurses fill the gaps in the Canadian health care system by providing general support to patients, helping physicians, and ensuring that patients receive a high level of care.


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