Ontario Vacation Events – 6 Things you must look out for


Ontario has many attractions at any time of the year. For me, there are some exceptions. These are the attractions you want to come back every time and show them to your friends from home. If you visit, you will suffer from the diversity of Ontario.

1. Door open Ontario
From April to October, residents and visitors are invited to discover the hidden treasures of Ontario. It is a celebration of our cultural and architectural heritage. Some attractions were never open to the public. It could be a chocolate factory in Toronto, a horse farm in Oxford County, a mosque or a cemetery. Whatever attraction you visit, you will get a guided tour and everything is free.

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2. St. James Market for farmers
All year round on Saturday. It is a magnet for many Europeans. The scent, locations and activity are unique. You can buy anything and worry about the price. You will see Mennonites and Amish with horse and stroller, serving fruits and vegetables. You can go indoors and find an incredible amount of things to sell, from Elvis images to copper statues to handmade wooden furniture. Groceries, antiques, sausages, livestock auctions, puppies – it’s a truly unique experience.

3. Toronto Kensington Market
The Toronto Kensington Market is somewhat like the St. Jacob, but it’s different. If St. James was the countryside, then it is an urban experience. The market is a multi-cultural blend of boutiques, restaurants, antique clothing stores and à la carte cafes. An international feast for the senses, it is truly a great place to roam and get to know Toronto’s rich cultural mosaics.

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4: Howl the Wolf in Algonquin Park
The general wolf howl takes place on Thursday evenings in August or September before Labor Day when weather and wolves allow easy access. Those who took part in a successful trip agreed unanimously that there is no sound that best embodies the wild atmosphere of the Algonquin rather than a choir of wolves that penetrate the spine, a frequency of hills and peat swamps under a night filled with cold stars. Call Algonquin Park on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning to see if there will be a wolf howling on Thursday, then head to the park and enjoy the live experience. Cars along the highway will meet at points designated by guards.

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5. Original American PowWow
One of the most impressive colours and sound attractions. An ideal place to bring visitors from abroad.
In late November, in Toronto, Canada’s largest and most successful indigenous attraction. PowWow Grand Entry is the highlight of all family members with the amazing visual presentation of nearly 1000 dancers and drummers from all over North America. The contest and the drama at the Grand Entrance make it one of the most beautiful traditional attractions of indigenous peoples and anyone should be interested in the culture and customs of indigenous people

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6. Visit Niagara Falls in the winter.
Niagara Falls is an amazing attraction any time of the year. Most tourists visit it during the summer months. But nothing matched her beauty during the winter. One day when the wind is good, waterfall fog covers the area of ​​fresh snow, lighting poles are covered with snow and ice, while the heat of the lights almost makes snow sculptures around the lights. If you’ve seen falls in summer but not in winter, you’ll see them in a whole new way.


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