ALBUM: Lokcitymusic – Be Heard

Lokcitymusic - Be Heard

Lokcitymusic Be Heard

One of middle-belt, Nigeria’s top music platforms, “Lokcitymusic” premieres it’s debut studio album “Be Heard” to celebrate it’s 7th anniversary.
The project houses 16 complete tracks from various artistes; likes of Jay Teazer, Payper Corleone, B-Tone, Funkcleff, V5ive, Lake, Elhi and more, traversing several genres with finesse; including, but not limited to Afropop, Trap, Dancehall, Highlife and Hip-Hop.

All tracks come with unique and top notch productions delivered by Lake, Berryvick, Bemshima, P Fleks, Jostopac, Jayson Ace & Teddy Banty. Check it out!


1. We Are (Ft. Lake, Pfleks, Amazing K1 & Jay Teazer)

2. Kategory (Ft. Limerick, V5ive & Anny D)

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3. My Love (Ft. Lake & King Pantomime)

4. My Life (Ft. Mo’Glitzy & V5ive)

5. No Lazy (Ft. B-Tone & Funkcleff)

6. On A Daily (Ft. Superboy Cheque, Iam Ed & Slimbuck)

7. Believe (Ft. Jay Teazer & Payper Corleone)

8. Excuse Me (Ft. Q & Sinno)

9. Life Goes On (Ft. PD2 & Joreal)

10. Gbege (Ft. Elhi & Beejay)

11. Money (Ft. Amazing K1 & Mapel)

12. Gbe Body (Ft. Meister, Jayson Ace & Ray B)

13. Saye (Ft. Nowel & Pfleks)

14. Most Wanted (Ft. V5ive, Topson UK & Saucy)

15. 4 Summers (Ft. Bemshima & Gunzz)

16. Be Heard (Outro) (Ft. Lake)

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